Happy Easter!

I hope all of my readers (who celebrate this holiday) have a happy Easter! :)

It’s been quiet on my blog for the past few weeks because my motivation has been absent due to lots of stress and sickness. I also haven’t been writing a whole lot lately and so I’ve only sent out very few letters. Thankfully I have very understanding penpals who patiently wait for my letters. ;-)

Eventhough I don’t have much to tell right now I thought I’d share some colorful outgoing mail of this month:

Oh and since it’s still so dark and grey outside (winter when will you finally leave?!) I want to share some more color with you…this is some of the yarn I’m using for my granny square blanket…and I received it a few weeks ago. ♥

Happy weekend and happy Easter!

Online Store Review: Postcardlocker.com

I love buying things online so I thought why not write reviews of the stores I buy my things at.

Note: My reviews are solely based on my opinions and experiences with the stores and I do not get paid to write my reviews.

So my first review will be about the postcard online store Postcardlocker.com. As you all know I’m addicted to postcards. ;-) For a long time I’ve been looking for online stores that sell touristy postcards. My search was not very successful – until I found Postcardlocker! I was so happy when I came across the online store and saw all the beautiful postcards they sell and I (almost) immediately had to place my first test order.

But before you go to their site now and buy up all the postcards…finish reading my review first. ;-) Seriously!

About Postcardlocker.com

Postcardlocker.com is an online postcard store based in Guyana, a small country in South America. At the time of this blog post they have 1,259 different postcards in their assortment – which can feel like heaven for a postcard addict. :P

What they sell

They sell mainly touristy postcards from many different places (mainly the Americas), landscapes, lighthouses, cities, animals/wildlife, Did you know cards, flag and map cards, postcard packets, postcard books, cartoon cards and many others. They even sell cards in bulk.

Prices, Payment and Shipping

Prices: Single postcards mostly sell for 30 cents, which is the same price postcards cost where I live. Some cost a little more. Postcard packets and books cost more – obviously.

Payment: They accept online payments through 2checkout.com accepting a variety of credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Shipping: The shipping cost depends on where you live and how much you order. Shipping for my order was $3.98. They dispatch their orders within 1 to 3 business days via Air Mail and the shipping can take 5 to 35 days, depending on where in the world you live. I received my order 20 days after dispatch. They ship to most destinations world wide and do not accept returns.

My thoughts and experience

At the first glance this store sounds/looks too good to be true…because they have such a big variety and sell cards from so many cool places. I did some more research because I wanted to know more about the quality of their cards and whether they just print copies of the original cards. I found one very short comment about the quality of Postcardlocker.com cards by someone who had ordered from them before, and it didn’t sound too bad. I thought about it for a little while and decided to give it a try. After all, the prices are very good and the shipping was not bad either.

So I placed a test order of the following 16 postcards and I paid a total of $9.06, which included shipping from Guyana to the USA. (You can find more pictures at the end of this post)

When I received the cards I was surprised how nice they were. If Postcardlocker.com just prints copies of the original cards, they have done a very nice job. The cards look and feel just like the cards you buy at a store. The only one thing I really did NOT like about the cards was their smell. :-? They all have a very strong chemical smell which lets me assume that they really do their own printing. I’ve tried to air them out but the smell wouldn’t go away. So I put them in a plastic bag with baking soda which normally does a great job in absorbing bad smells…but after a week the cards still smell bad. :( Not sure what I’m going to do next.

What I have noticed however are the different “types” of cards. Some look and feel more like originals and smell less bad:

And the rest of them says “printed in Korea” and smells very bad, especially on their back side:

So I’m not sure what to make of this. I still love their cards because they’re so beautiful and come from places I’ll probably never get to visit. As I know me, I’ll probably order more. ;-) But first I have to figure out how I can get rid of that smell.

One more thing I like about Postcardlocker.com is their offer to send you a written and stamped postcard from Guyana (normally it’s 58 cents but right now it’s discounted to 35 cents)….so you get an original for your collection! :) This card will be mailed separately from your order.

With my order I also received 5 free postcards as a gift:

What I like about Postcardlocker.com

  • Big variety
  • Low prices
  • Affordable shipping

What I don’t like about Postcardlocker.com

  • Postcards have a very bad smell and might be self-printed.

Have you ordered from Postcardlocker.com before? If yes, what was your experience? And did your cards also smell so bad? What did you do to get rid of the smell?

Here are the cards I’ve ordered (note: the card quality is very good…my photos however are not because it was too dark when I took the pictures ;-) )


International Birthday Surprise!

February 12 was my birthday and two days later, on Valentine’s Day I received a wonderful package from my sister. She lives in Germany but gets to travel the world due to her job…and so this year my birthday presents from her came from 11 different countries! :D I was very excited when I opened the package and found all the nice things she got me on her travels.

They came from: Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong.

Package full of goodies from all over the world :)

Package full of goodies from all over the world :)

Postcards from New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Australia, Denmark and Thailand

Postcards from New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Australia, Denmark and Thailand

Stickers from Hong Kong

Stickers from Hong Kong

More stickers from Hong Kong and stationery from China

More stickers from Hong Kong and stationery from China

Key chains from Japan

Key chains from Japan

Lots of nice souvenirs from Alexandra, New Zealand ;-) I should live there ^_^

Lots of nice souvenirs from Alexandra, New Zealand ;-) I should live there ^_^

I also received lots of other wonderful presents and birthday cards from my family and friends all over the world. Thanks everyone who thought of me! :)


I love the USPS!

I never thought I’d hear myself say this because they keep losing  and delaying my mail but I still love the United States Postal Service!

Why? Because of this:

Look at the gorgeous stamps we’ll be getting this year! I totally love the muscle car stamps and I was excited when I saw them for the first time (they’ll be released on February 22, 2013)…and yesterday I almost fell off my chair when I saw the beautiful lighthouse stamps! I absolutely love lighthouses and I’m so happy the USPS will release a new set of lighthouse stamps this year! Unfortunately I don’t know the exact release date yet, but I will definitely order a whole bunch of them! :D
(The lighthouse on the left is Portland Head Light here in Maine. It’s one of the most famous lighthouses and the most photographed one. Everyone who visits my hubby and me has to go there with us ;-) )

If you want to know what new stamps will be released this year, visit the USPS’ website Beyond The Perf

I think they come out with so many nice new stamps to make up for the constant price changes. ;-) What do you think?

Never ending mail

While most of the Americans are sitting in front of their TVs tonight, watching this year’s Super Bowl, I’ll be writing this blog post, finishing a letter to a penpal and writing a postcard. I admit it: I’m NOT a football fan! And to be honest, I don’t care. ;-) So, now that we talked about that, lets move on to something that’s a lot more fun for me: MAIL! :D

This past week was another great mail week and I could get used to receiving lots of mail every single day. ♥


Monday mail…a letter, lots of cards and my sister’s card from New Zealand which she sent in November ^_^

Look at all the pretty stamps on the postcards! :)

Swap-bot swap postcards

And some more…

And more ^_^

A letter from Amit in India…with lots of cool stamps! :D

And the last batch of postcards from a private swap and a Swap-bot swap. My collection is growing! :D


A ton of postcard swaps for Swap-bot and Postcrossing:

I love my new airmail tape! :D

Some Valentine’s Day cards for my penpals

The inside of my mailbox yesterday before the mailman picked up my mail. :)

Other than writing cards and preparing swaps I haven’t done much this week. I want to catch up with my letters now and then get back to doing crafts like envelopes and cards etc.

Letter pile I’m working on at the moment…

How many letters do you have to write at the moment? And how much mail do you get per week?