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Finds from Boston

My hubby and I spent all day yesterday in Boston, MA because we had tickets to the Coldplay concert ♥

We hardly ever drive down to Boston (it’s 3 hours away by car) and when we do, we try to do as much as possible down there. One store that is always at the top of our to-do list is IKEA 😀

After we were done at IKEA we still had a few hours left before the concert started so we also stopped at other stores, like Christmas Tree Shops and Michael’s. The Michael’s in Boston was a lot bigger than the one in my town and they already put out Halloween and Christmas stuff…oh I can’t wait for the holiday season!

At Michael’s I found a pack of 8 Hello Kitty greeting cards (blank) including envelopes for only $1. I think they’re cute although I’m not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty. I like Pucca a lot more. 😉 But I thought some of my pals would like to receive cute cards with their letters.

Right before the concert we went for a walk around Boston and of course I had to stop and look at all the postcards they were selling. Since I already have lots of postcards from Boston and they’re a little expensive, I’ve decided to buy only two which I’m going to give to my penpals. 🙂 I think Boston is a great postcard city, don’t you think? 😉

By the way, the Coldplay concert was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I wasn’t going to talk about it on my blog because this is my creative hobby blog but for the opening they played the music of Back to the Future, my absolute favorite movie of the 80s! ♥ So here’s the video (it’s a bit shaky, sorry!):

Everyone got a bracelet at the entrance and during the show they started to light up…it looked so magical! This was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to! 🙂

The Orphaned Postcard Project – Part 1

I’m sure, when you’re an active blogger or blog reader in the world of penpalling and postcard collecting, you’re familiar with PostMuse’s Orphaned Postcard Project.

If you’re not, you should definitely check out her blog!

I decided to participate in her project and currently I’m waiting for the two postcards to arrive I have adopted from her database of postcards. I then will write something on them and return it to PostMuse.

Since I’m kind of impatient (okay, I’m very impatient ;)), I’ve asked her if she needed anymore postcards for her project database and she said yest. So I’ve decided to send her some of my cards that I have bought to send to pals or other swappers. And here’s what I’ve sent her:

The Georgia and the Paris cards I had bought twice (I always think of my pals when I’m traveling ;)) and of course since I live in Maine, I have a ton of Maine postcards (anyone want to swap with me??). The New York one I bought when my hubby and I visited the city last year…I spent most of my money on postcards. Like I said, I’m addicted. Postcards are such a wonderful invention, don’t you think? 🙂

Obviously you don’t have to send any of your own postcards if you want to participate in the Orphaned Postcard Project….this was just me being nice 😛

I’m looking forward to receiving the two cards from PostMuse and of course I’ll let you see them too!

Have you participated in the project? If so, which cards did you adopt?

Handwritings from around the world

Today I was going through a big box of old letters of former penpals and people who stopped writing after their first letter. I came across some letters with amazing handwritings so I thought I’d write a quick blog post about it.

Over the past 12 years I’ve had many penpals from all over the world and each of them had a unique handwriting. I really like how often their handwriting would match their character (not always!) and I like looking at beautiful handwritten letters that look like printed.

Here are a few that I liked:

1. This one is from Singapore and looking at the whole letter (right) it looks like printed. It looks even greater in real…the camera didn’t really catch it that well…

2. Same goes for this one from China. Her handwriting was a piece of art ♥

3. The next one was from the USA:

4. And the last one is from England:

Some of my current penpals also have beautiful handwritings but since they’re my best friends and their letters are very personal I decided not to include letters from them in this blog post.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years was that all my penpals from Finland had a similar handwriting 😉 Same goes for my penpals from England. And the most beautiful handwritings almost always came from Asia.

What’s your experience with handwritings? What countries do you receive your most beautiful handwritten letters from? I’d love to hear from you so just leave a comment! I’m curious! 🙂

DIY: Simple photo cards

I send a lot of greeting cards to my family and friends around the world for many occasions. Unfortunately the cards sold by stores are SO expensive (a pretty birthday card can cost up to $4.75 :() and many times I don’t find what I’m looking for.

So I thought why not make my own cards?

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few months. 🙂 This is a fast and easy way to make your own, unique greeting cards.

What you’ll need:

  • Blank cards & envelopes
  • Pictures (photos or postcards)
  • Glue

supplies for card making

Since I love photography and I happen to live in a beautiful state, I’ve been taking tons of nature photos over the past few years. I ordered my prints from They were 9 cents a piece. Of course you can also have them printed at a store. My photos have the size 4×6 inches (that’s about 10×15 cm).

nature photographs

I got the blank cards and envelopes at AC Moore when they were on sale. It was a pack of 50 cards + envelopes for $5 instead of $10 and I bought the colors brown and white. The cards are 5×7 inches (about 12×17 cm).

blank cards and envelopes

All you have to do is put glue on the back of the photo or postcard and put it on the front of the blank card:

Photo card

Depending on how much or what kind of glue you use, the card could get a little wavy. To prevent that just stick card into a heavy book and sit on it for a little while to flatten it. 😉 I always use an old cookbook:

How to flat a wavy card

And here’s the finished, handmade greeting card tadaaaaaaaaaaaa:

Handmade photo greeting card

I told you it was easy! 😉 Have fun making your own cards!

Addicted to mail art

Up until last week I didn’t know my addiction had a name. I’ve always loved making my own envelopes but I didn’t know that what I was doing was called “Mail Art”. Well, now I know 😉 thanks to a few blogs I came across last week.

I am SO excited that I have finally discovered the world of mail art and other people who are as obsessed with letters and creating beautiful envelopes as I am. Oh and also swapping things like postcards, stickers or stationery, but that’s a whole nother story.

For some reason I was feeling very creative this week so I sat down, got all my scrapbooking supplies out (I had no idea how much stuff I’ve collected over the past years!) and started making envelopes.

For my envelopes I love using the 12×12 inch scrapbooking papers. A while back I bought a ton of different papers and now I finally find a use for them (I’m not so much into scrapbooking anymore).

On the first night I spent about 2 hours and on the second night about 4 hours (with 4-legged, purring interruptions) and this is the result:

selfmade envelopes

I’ve made a total of 22 envelopes (one got mailed already) and I’m planning on making some more soon. Here they are:

handmade envelopes

For the two cute ones on the left I’ve cut out pictures from stationery that I wasn’t using and I thought the bright colors go nice with the black paper. 🙂

And for the envelopes on the right I’ve used some big letter stickers that I’ve picked up at the dollar store a long time ago – finally I found a use for them! I know I would need them some day 😉

And here’s the next batch:

I made an envelope out of a map that I found when I cleaned out one of our book cases. I guess it’s worth cleaning up every once in a while – you never know what you might find! 😉 And since time seems to be flying lately I’ve decided to get a head start on my fall envelopes. Last year the holiday season got here so fast that I had almost no time to prepare…so this year I’m early. However I haven’t made any Christmas envelopes yet. I’ll probably do that in fall.

Now I just hope to receive tons of letters so I can use all of my envelopes! So penpals….keep them letters coming! ♥