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I’m on vacation!

It’s finally here, my vacation! I’ve been waiting for it for so long and I haven’t had any time off in over two years. So today I’m flying out to Montana to visit my penpal for the very first time. 🙂 We’ve been writing letters for over seven years and now we finally get to meet. I’m so excited!

I will be spending ten days with her, traveling through Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, visiting different National Parks and other cool places. Of course I’ll be buying tons of postcards ♥ and taking millions of pictures and videos, since I’ve never been out there. I’m sure it’ll be quite the adventure.

See ya’ll in about ten days! 🙂

Another week of postcards

This week was another great postcard week. I’ve received 6 postcards from all over the world. 2 from Indonesia, 1 from Taiwan, 1 from Germany, 1 from the Netherlands and 1 from New York, US. 🙂

I’ve never received a round postcard before 😉 I guess there’s always a first time for everything!

And here are the pretty stamps on the postcards:

Soon I’ll show you my entire postcard collection. Thanks everyone who contributed and will contribute in the future! 🙂

DIY: Beautiful calendar envelopes

I love making my own envelopes as you can see in this blog post about mailart. Whenever I go shopping, I’m on the look-out for things I can use for my crafts.

Last week I came across some cheap calendars that cost only $1 and I bought a pretty one with flowers. If you live in the US, you can check Michael’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree for these $1 calendars.

Making envelopes is very easy and today I’m going to show you how to create envelopes like these:

What you’ll need:

  • Calendar with pretty pictures
  • Envelope template or an envelope (unfolded)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Because I make so many envelopes all the time I cut an envelope template out of a piece of cardboard. If you don’t want to do that, just unfold an envelope that has the size you want and use it as a template. 🙂

Choose the picture you want to make your envelope with and remove it from the calendar:

Then draw the envelope outline on the backside of the picture. Make sure it’s positioned right, so the front of the envelope will look nice:

Then you cut out the envelope along the outline…:

…and fold it:

When you glue it together put a piece of scrap paper under the two side parts so the glue doesn’t get on the inside of the envelope:

And now you’re done! Wasn’t that easy? 😉 Here’s the finished flowery envelope, tataaaaaaa:

Have fun making your own! 🙂

Stationery from Taiwan

Two days ago I finally received my package from Taiwan! 😀 It was from Janetstore, where I ordered some very cute stationery. It was my third time ordering from Janet and I still love all of her stuff and although the shipping seems expensive…nobody can beat her stationery prices! I got lots of paper for $10 and paid $17 for the shipping. I order from her once a year, so it’s not too bad. 🙂

So here’s what I got:

5 stationery sets with up to 64 sheets each, envelopes and cute little memo papers.

Whaaaaat!?!? I didn’t get anything?!? 😉

And here is one more:

Have you ordered from Janetstore before? If not, you should check out her store! She has so many great things, not only stationery. And like I said, the prices are awesome. The minimum order amount is $10 (you get a LOT for it) and you can choose between different shipping methods. I selected AIR and it cost me $17. Of course the shipping costs depend on the weight and size of your order.

Happy penpalling! 🙂

Today’s in- and outbox

Today was a great mail day 🙂 I received a package from Taiwan, a lovely thank-you note from PostMuse over at the Orphaned Postcard Project and a pretty postcard from Italy.

Blackberry was very curious! 😉 In my next blog post I’ll show you what was in the package. 🙂

I love the colors of PostMuse’s mail art! And the cute little kitty business card. 🙂

Another great card for my collection 😀

And these are the two letters I finished today:

And guess what! My inbox is E-M-P-T-Y!!! 😀 These are the last two letters and now I have to wait to receive new letters. It is my goal to have an empty inbox when I go on vacation next week. 🙂 Lets see if I can do it!

Good night!