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FOTM: November

Wow another month is over and tomorrow the last month of this year begins. Today being the last day of the month means it’s time for another “Favorites Of The Month” post…so here are my favorites of the month of November:

1. Tiny bird rubber stamp

This month I’ve used this beautiful stamp a LOT ♥


I’ve sent lots of postcards this month…not only through the regular Postcrossing swaps but also through private swaps and tags in the Postcrossing forum. Are you a member of Postcrossing?

3. Amy & Tim stationery

I’ve had my Amy & Tim stationery for quite some time but because I have ton of stationery I hardly ever used this particular one…until this month. I used it for several letters and I like it a lot. 🙂

4. My sticker box

I have a plastic shoebox full of weighs at least 5 pounds LOL I’ve received and bought all my stickers over the past few years and I love having my box next to me while I’m writing letters and just digging for cute stickers that go with the stationery I’m using. Ah those addictions… ^_^

I love Thursdays; Advent Calendar Cards and another Michael’s Shopping Haul

I’m not exactly sure why I love Thursdays…but I do! 🙂 Probably because there’s only one work day left after that before the weekend begins. For as long as I can remember I always loved Thursdays. What’s your favorite day of the week?

Today I received a cute cat advent calendar from my German friend in the mail…which is funny because last week I also received one from my Mom! And I sent one to my penpal in Montana and one to Angie in Texas. Growing up in Germany I had a big advent calendar every year. It was either one with chocolate or even one with little toys. 😀 Nice childhood memories!

How cute!

And because I’m in the Christmas mood already, I stopped buy at the Christmasy Michael’s and bought some Christmasy crafts supplies 😀 Look what I found:

A beautiful snowflake rubber stamp, two Hello Kitty tapes, a clear stamp block and cute 3D Christmas stickers. Everything was on sale which – of course! – made me happy 😉

Can’t wait for the weekend to write letters and use these nice things!

I also bought a big plastic box to store my single scrapbooking paper sheets & pieces in….

Time for bed…y’all have a good night! 🙂

P.S.: Thanks for all your emails! I’m not ignoring them..I just need some time to sit down and answer them all..hopefully I’ll get that done on the weekend too! I do appreciate every message from my wonderful readers! 😀

Mailart: stamps

I’m a big fan of beautiful mailart and I love making envelopes and decorating them as well as my letters. I pay a lot of attention to detail and in my opinion, one part of the mailart that most people overlook are the stamps. Of course not every country has many different, beautiful stamps available but I’m lucky that there are lots of cool stamps sold here in the US.

In the past I always only used the $1.05 stamp to mail letters overseas. But then I realized that always using the same stamp can be boring and I decided to make my envelopes even prettier by using pretty stamps.

So now I’m not using a single airmail stamp anymore…now I use 2,3,4 or even more stamps when I mail letters to other countries. And I try to always use different stamps…which makes especially the stamp collectors very happy. 🙂 Since the stamp values are the same it doesn’t even cost me more money to make my letters prettier with many different stamps. 😀

These are some stamps I bought the other day:

Do you like using pretty stamps? And do you like receiving envelopes with pretty stamps?

Birthday cards

Do you send birthday cards to your penpals? If so, do you buy them or do you make them yourselves?

Two of my penpals have birthdays in December and because I like making my own greeting cards I’ve decided to make them some unique wintery/christmasy birthday cards this year.

I made them the same way I made my Thanksgiving cards, using left over scrapbooking paper and I also stamped some birthday presents on the cards so they look like birthday cards and not Christmas cards. 😉 It’s lots of fun making them and I hope my pals will like them. ♥

Mail of the last two weeks

I was pretty busy with work and life the past two weeks so I wasn’t able to show you all the mail I received or mailed out in the past two weeks. Unfortunately I also haven’t taken pictures of every single piece of mail I’ve sent out…

So, here’s some of my mail 🙂

Outgoing mail of just one day: Thanksgiving cards, birthday card, letters and Postcrossing postcards 🙂

And some lovely incoming mail:

A letter and a beautiful Thanksgiving card from my friend/pal in Montana whom I visited this year. I’m truly blessed to have a friend like her 🙂

And here’s a great letter from one of my best friends from Germany. She travels to Norway quite often and always brings/sends me beautiful postcards ♥ We’ve been pals for several years and we also met when she visited Maine in 2009. 🙂

This amazing & long letter as well as beautiful postcards came from another wonderful penpal in Germany. She loves cute stationery as much as I do 😀 and she provides me with postcards whenever she goes on trips!

My newest penpal from Norway sent me this amazing package. She doesn’t only share my love for cute tape, stickers and paper (and a million other things ^_^), she also writes awesome letters and I have a feeling that we’ll be penpals vor a VERY long time! 😀

Look at all the cute things she sent me! Oh my! ♥

And last but not least I received this cool lighthouse postcard from my postcard pal in the Netherlands who mailed it from a Postcrossing meetup she went to….

…and everyone at the meetup signed it! 😀

I love each of my penpals and I am so happy to have them in my life! They’re true friends and know how to put a smile on my face. 🙂