DIY: Christmas Card Journal

Are you like me and don’t want to throw away all the nice and beautiful Christmas cards you have received this year?

When I got out my Christmas decorations this year I even found a stack of cards from last year 😉 I never knew what to do with the cards after Christmas was over….until today! In a very creative moment I had the idea to make Christmas Card Journals out of my cards!

And here they are:

I punched holes in the cards and tied them together with a Christmas ribbon…and for the cover I used one of my left over Christmas cards. Inside of the cover card I’m going to put a photo of my husband and me on Christmas Eve and I’ll also write about our holiday. What we did, what we had for dinner and who we spent the holiday it with. That way I can look at my Christmas Card Journals in many years from now and remember the ‘good old times’. 😉

What you’ll need:

  • Christmas cards

  • Ribbon

  • Hole puncher

This year I received a total of 31 Christmas cards…so this year’s journal will be a lot thicker than last year’s.

Here are all my cards on a pile ^_^

First of all, I sort them by height and width:

You can sort them however you want to. I try to put cards with similar heights or widths together.

Next, I punch holes in them (2) with a big (three) hole puncher. I start with the bottom card and after I punch the holes in it, I put the ribbon through the holes…I do this card by card:

And when I’m done, I tie a nice bow on the top and write the title on the cover card:

Of course you can decorate the cover card however you want. All I had at the moment was a black marker 😛

You can also make Birthday Card Journals if you receive more birthday cards than Christmas cards. 🙂 I hope you liked my little tutorial and have fun making your own journals! 🙂

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