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Bread and color please!

The first two weeks of the new year have been pretty busy and I didn’t feel like writing or blogging at all. So of course now I have a lot of catching up to do…blog posts and letters. 😉 I have to write 6 letters…

Last weekend my husband and I drove to New Hampshire and Vermont for the weekend to do a bread baking class at King Arthur in Vermont, which was one of his Christmas presents for me. We both absolutely LOVE bread (we’re Germans..we have to love bread!) and I love baking bread a lot…so to learn more about the art of bread baking we spent four hours at this great baking school and learned a ton of new techniques and baker secrets. Of course we also did a little sight seeing and I bought a bunch of NH and VT postcards for my pepals and my own collection. It was my very first time in Vermont and I loved it!

Here’s a picture of King Arthur in beautiful Vermont:

Unlike in Vermont, the weather in Maine has been kind of depressing lately…lots of snow, mud, fog and no sunshine at all. I used to LOVE winter and snow…but over the years that I have spent in Maine I like it less and less because winters are just too long here. So I’m definitely looking forward to spring now! 😀

And since today is such a dark, grey day I figured I’d post pictures of the colorful mail I have received in the past two weeks. 🙂

Lovely letters and a card from my friends in Germany, Texas, Montana, Australia and South Korea. ♥

And some pretty postcards from Germany, Netherlands, Washington and Hong Kong that I have received from friends, through Postcrossing and a Swap-Bot swap. 🙂

I also received this postcard through Postcrossing…

…even though it’s a Montreal (Canada) postcard, it was sent from a Postcrosser who lives here in MAINE! 😉 She lives only 50km (31 miles) away from me (and I’ve been to her town before!)..that’s less than an hour drive! How small is the world?! She figured that I already own all postcards of Maine (she could be right LOL) and so she decided to send me one from Montreal. I think it’s funny that out of the thousands of Postcrossing members she got my address!

This week I’ve mailed out only one letter..to a penpal in Germany:

I’m planning on writing at least one more today and preparing my giveaway, which will start tomorrow. I hope you all have a good weekend! 🙂