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Pre-cut fabric from Craftsy.com

Yesterday I received my very first order from Craftsy.com. I’ve heard of them before but never really checked out their supply store, until last week. They had an end-of-year sale going on and I found a few cute fabrics that I liked and ordered.

I really like buying pre-cuts because there are some beautiful fabric collections out there and they save me a lot of cutting time. 😉

Normally I stick with charm packs (40-42 5×5 inch squares) because I like to use them for my quilts. For a while now I wanted to buy a layer cake (40-42 10×10 inch squares) but they’re kinda expensive. When I saw Craftsy had them on sale, I HAD to buy one… and I love it!

I got the “Sultan’s Garden” Patty Cake (I guess not everyone calls it a layer cake) and it was 35% off (it’s actually still on sale as I am writing this). The colors and patterns are beautiful. There are 20 different patterns, 2 squares of each.

I picked my favorite ones to show you:

I don’t know yet what I’m going to make with them. Probably a quilt. (Mr. M. and I will be drowning in quilts by the end of the winter if I keep going like this haha). I might cut them into 5 inch squares or just make a quilt with big 10 inch squares. I haven’t done that before, so it might be cool to try it.