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I love Thursdays; Advent Calendar Cards and another Michael’s Shopping Haul

I’m not exactly sure why I love Thursdays…but I do! 🙂 Probably because there’s only one work day left after that before the weekend begins. For as long as I can remember I always loved Thursdays. What’s your favorite day of the week?

Today I received a cute cat advent calendar from my German friend in the mail…which is funny because last week I also received one from my Mom! And I sent one to my penpal in Montana and one to Angie in Texas. Growing up in Germany I had a big advent calendar every year. It was either one with chocolate or even one with little toys. 😀 Nice childhood memories!

How cute!

And because I’m in the Christmas mood already, I stopped buy at the Christmasy Michael’s and bought some Christmasy crafts supplies 😀 Look what I found:

A beautiful snowflake rubber stamp, two Hello Kitty tapes, a clear stamp block and cute 3D Christmas stickers. Everything was on sale which – of course! – made me happy 😉

Can’t wait for the weekend to write letters and use these nice things!

I also bought a big plastic box to store my single scrapbooking paper sheets & pieces in….

Time for bed…y’all have a good night! 🙂

P.S.: Thanks for all your emails! I’m not ignoring them..I just need some time to sit down and answer them all..hopefully I’ll get that done on the weekend too! I do appreciate every message from my wonderful readers! 😀