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Valentine’s Day cards and envelopes

When I’m in the card- or envelope making mood, I’m thinking of all the upcoming holidays or other special occasions I could make my cards and envelopes for, because I like being prepared. 🙂

So this time I made a few cards and envelopes for Valentine’s Day…even though it’s still over a month away. February is my absolute favorite month of the year and I can’t wait for it to begin! ♥

So far I’ve made three envelopes and four cards:

I love the “February” envelope the most:

These three cards are a small, note card size..so they will fit in the envelopes I send letters to my penpals with:

And this one has a bigger size..and I used one of my Strawberry Shortcake calendar sheets. Being an 80s girl, I absolute LOVE Strawberry Shortcake! The original one though..not the ugly new one…

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? And do you send out cards? V-day is a big deal here in the US but for me it’s just a normal day. But I like all the pink and red flowers, balloons and other things the stores sell. 🙂

Slow mail week

This past week has been a slow mail week. I received a total of 1 letter, 1 Christmas present, 3 Christmas cards and 1 postcard. I also mailed out the last Christmas cards and letters…

Incoming mail

A postcard from my husband’s friend who went on a business trip to Singapore…and look at the pretty stamp with the shimmering fish he used:

Outgoing mail

Letter & Christmas card to one of my American penpals:

A Christmas card to another American pal:

And a letter to a German penpal:

And now I have to patiently wait for new letters from my penpals. I hope I’ll receive lots of them soon…because I have a ton of hand made envelopes I want to use! 😉

After spending most of yesterday in bed, drinking tea and sleeping, I’m feeling better today..but still not 100%. I’m planing on writing my fourth “Lovely Letter” to my project partner tonight and bake cookies since I didn’t feel up for it yesterday. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Feeling sick…

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Mine was busy but good. Only four more work days until I’ll be off for 5 days in a row for Christmas! Can’t wait! 🙂 But first comes this weekend….which means ME-TIME! 😀

I’ve been waiting for this weekend for a while because I’ve always had so many things to do and so many places to be the past few weeks and weekends…so I decided to have a relaxed weekend at home. The only times I’ll leave the house will be to go to the post office tomorrow to send this to one of my friends:

…and to go grocery shopping with my husband on Sunday. But other than that I’ll stay home, write two more letters and bake more Christmas cookies. 🙂 Oh and maybe watch a Christmas movie. ♥

Today we had our Christmas party at work and we did a Yankee Swap which was lots of fun. I ended up with two Australian beer glasses and two bottles of beer. LOL I noticed that about half of the presents today were alcohol! Not sure what to think of it. Anyway…we also had pizza for lunch and ever since I had my slice of peperoni pizza, I’m feeling very sick to my stomach. 🙁 I took a nap when I got home…and had some tea. But I’m still not feeling better.

I spent the evening watching “The Santa Clause” and making some new envelopes (I finally have to use up some of the papers I’ve bought! 😛 ) And this is what I’ve made so far:

And some early Valentine’s Day envelopes:

I’m sure I’ll make some more this weekend. 😉 But for now I’m happy with the outcome and I’m going to bed now. Have a wonderful weekend dear friends! Thanks for reading my blog, you rock!

80s CareBears Envelopes

I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday! 🙂 My husband and I spent the day at my relatives’ place and we got to see my cousins from Maine, Ohio and Virginia and their husbands/friends and we had a great time and very good food. I just love Thanksgiving! ♥

It’s been a short but very busy work week for me (hence the lack of blog posts ;-)) and now I’m enjoying my 4 day weekend. I’m planning on writing a few letters, updating my blog and other websites and maybe getting out some of our Christmas decoration as today’s the official start of the Christmas season here. 😀

Yesterday I’ve already made two birthday cards and a bunch of colorful envelopes out of a cute CareBears children’s book that I found for 99 cents at Goodwill on Wednesday. Since I’m a big 80s fan I also love the CareBears a LOT! 🙂

This is/was the cute book:

And this is what was left over after I was done…

…making these envelopes:

Can’t wait to mail out my letters in them and bring a little more color to the mail carriers’ mailbags 😉

Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome winter time!

It’s not winter yet but last night Daylight Saving Time has ended and we set our clocks from summer to winter time and gained one hour. I’m happy about having one more hour but somehow I’m tired all day today. Probably because it’s cloudy and dark outside. So this grey day is the perfect time to post some colorful pictures! 🙂

I just finished a letter to one of my German penpals and used the envelope I made with a page of a children’s book:

Now I only have to write 1 more to Germany and 2 to California but probably not today as I still have to finish some other things around the house since yesterday was such a busy day. My cousin’s baby shower was fun and I saw lots of people that I hadn’t seen in over a year, which was great. 🙂 I also had a chance to talk to my parents via webcam and catch up.

In the morning I went to the post office to finally buy my Christmas stamps and I also went to the dollar store and as I promised, here’s my (mini) shopping haul:

I really liked these cute balloon stickers. I haven’t counted them but I got a big sheet full of pretty stickers for $1.

And I was happy to find some Christmas treat bags that I’ll use as envelopes, just like my Halloween trick-or-treat bag envelopes. 😉 Unlike the Halloween package, the Christmas one came with 12 instead of 6 bags. The paper is a bit different but they still will be good envelopes. Can’t wait for the Christmas time to arrive! 😀

Thanks for all your comments on my last blog post! It’s interesting to read about your letter writing habits. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday night and a good week!