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Fabric Haul

This week I received two fabric orders. One from Missouri Star Quilt Company and one from Bear Creek Quilting Company. I’ve ordered many times from Missouri Star but it was my first time ordering from Bear Creek and I must say I am very happy with their service and fabric and will very likely order from them again! 🙂 (I’m always happy when I find new fabric online shops that aren’t overpriced…so if you know a good one, please let me know in the comments!)

The first two fabrics came from Missouri Star together with a plain navy blue fabric that will be the backing for a quilt I’ll be making as well as a plain beige fabric that will be the border of that quilt. I just love the colors of these flowery, friendly fabrics, so I ordered half a yard of each to make fabric bins out of them. I had all the fabrics in my shopping cart for a while as I was waiting for a good Daily Deal. Last week they had a triangle template for free (yay!) so I finally got to order my lovely fabric and I looooove it!

The reason I found and ordered from Bear Creek is this lovely fabric:

I came across it when I was looking at fabrics on Fabric.com but it was out of stock, saying it would be available again on January 11, which was not the case. I was bummed, so I searched for the fabric name and finally found it at Bear Creek and ordered 2 yards. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet but I just wanted to make sure I have it. 😉 The colors are amazing and I love looking at it. By the way, it’s called “Princess on a Pea Around the World Lanterns” and it’s by Elizabeth’s Studio. I got it within three days…and it’s still out of stock at Fabric.com 😉

And the last fabric was a spontaneous buy because Mr. M. and I love fishing and have a huge collection of fishing lures, so I figured I could make something out of this cute fabric:

It’s also by Elizabeth’s Studio and is called “Top Rod Fishing Lures Cream”.

The past two days I’ve been working on a quilt for my friend in Montana (YES, I got my machine back, after only one week. Woohoo!) and I should be done soon. I’ll post a few pictures when it’s done. And after that I already have a bunch of other projects lined up. Several fabric bins, a wall hanging as well as two quilts. I can’t wait! 😀

Pre-cut fabric from Craftsy.com

Yesterday I received my very first order from Craftsy.com. I’ve heard of them before but never really checked out their supply store, until last week. They had an end-of-year sale going on and I found a few cute fabrics that I liked and ordered.

I really like buying pre-cuts because there are some beautiful fabric collections out there and they save me a lot of cutting time. 😉

Normally I stick with charm packs (40-42 5×5 inch squares) because I like to use them for my quilts. For a while now I wanted to buy a layer cake (40-42 10×10 inch squares) but they’re kinda expensive. When I saw Craftsy had them on sale, I HAD to buy one… and I love it!

I got the “Sultan’s Garden” Patty Cake (I guess not everyone calls it a layer cake) and it was 35% off (it’s actually still on sale as I am writing this). The colors and patterns are beautiful. There are 20 different patterns, 2 squares of each.

I picked my favorite ones to show you:

I don’t know yet what I’m going to make with them. Probably a quilt. (Mr. M. and I will be drowning in quilts by the end of the winter if I keep going like this haha). I might cut them into 5 inch squares or just make a quilt with big 10 inch squares. I haven’t done that before, so it might be cool to try it.