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Valentine’s Day cards and envelopes

When I’m in the card- or envelope making mood, I’m thinking of all the upcoming holidays or other special occasions I could make my cards and envelopes for, because I like being prepared. πŸ™‚

So this time I made a few cards and envelopes for Valentine’s Day…even though it’s still over a month away. February is my absolute favorite month of the year and I can’t wait for it to begin! β™₯

So far I’ve made three envelopes and four cards:

I love the “February” envelope the most:

These three cards are a small, note card size..so they will fit in the envelopes I send letters to my penpals with:

And this one has a bigger size..and I used one of my Strawberry Shortcake calendar sheets. Being an 80s girl, I absolute LOVE Strawberry Shortcake! The original one though..not the ugly new one…

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? And do you send out cards? V-day is a big deal here in the US but for me it’s just a normal day. But I like all the pink and red flowers, balloons and other things the stores sell. πŸ™‚

DIY: Christmas Card Journal

Are you like me and don’t want to throw away all the nice and beautiful Christmas cards you have received this year?

When I got out my Christmas decorations this year I even found a stack of cards from last year πŸ˜‰ I never knew what to do with the cards after Christmas was over….until today! In a very creative moment I had the idea to make Christmas Card Journals out of my cards!

And here they are:

I punched holes in the cards and tied them together with a Christmas ribbon…and for the cover I used one of my left over Christmas cards. Inside of the cover card I’m going to put a photo of my husband and me on Christmas Eve and I’ll also write about our holiday. What we did, what we had for dinner and who we spent the holiday it with. That way I can look at my Christmas Card Journals in many years from now and remember the ‘good old times’. πŸ˜‰

What you’ll need:

  • Christmas cards

  • Ribbon

  • Hole puncher

This year I received a total of 31 Christmas cards…so this year’s journal will be a lot thicker than last year’s.

Here are all my cards on a pile ^_^

First of all, I sort them by height and width:

You can sort them however you want to. I try to put cards with similar heights or widths together.

Next, I punch holes in them (2) with a big (three) hole puncher. I start with the bottom card and after I punch the holes in it, I put the ribbon through the holes…I do this card by card:

And when I’m done, I tie a nice bow on the top and write the title on the cover card:

Of course you can decorate the cover card however you want. All I had at the moment was a black marker πŸ˜›

You can also make Birthday Card Journals if you receive more birthday cards than Christmas cards. πŸ™‚ I hope you liked my little tutorial and have fun making your own journals! πŸ™‚

It’s almost Christmas!

I’m so excited, it’s almost Christmas! I only have to work tomorrow and then I’ll be off through the 25th of December. I’ll have to go back to work on the 26th because unlike in Germany and some other countries, it’s not a holiday here in the US. But that’s ok. I enjoy working so much at the moment that I don’t care about having to work. The office will be very quiet next week because several of my co-workers will be out all week.

On Monday we even got some snow – finally! I was hoping for a white Christmas..but since it has been raining for the past two days I doubt there will be any snow left for Christmas.

Yesterday I got some very nice Christmas presents from my co-worker Victoria πŸ˜€ She gave me pretty stationery, a pack of blank note cards, a rubber stamp alphabet and some German (!) chocolate. She knows me so well! πŸ˜‰

And when I got home I sat down and made her a Christmas card with some of the items I got from her:

I’m so glad to have a nice co-worker who cares about me! πŸ™‚

So far I’ve received 17 Christmas cards from all over the world…they came from Germany, USA, South Korea, India and Honduras. I’ve decided to put them on the glass doors of our dining room cabinet so I can see them everyday πŸ™‚ I hope I’ll receive some more before Christmas! πŸ˜€

This week I’ve also sent out my fourth and last letter of the “Lovely Letters” project…

…and three Postcrossing postcards:

I’m going to bake some bread now and wrap the last few presents. Good night! πŸ™‚

Busy, busy, busy…

What a week! It feels like the closer Christmas gets, the busier I get. I’m not only busy with work but also with life. But: this week I was able to send almost all of my Christmas mail and I decorated our home for Christmas. It feels a lot more like Christmas now, even though we still don’t have any snow yet. It’s unusual warm in Maine for this time of the year. It feels more like spring than winter when I go outside. Well, lets hope we’ll still get some snow for Christmas. πŸ™‚

Today is the 2nd Advent and I finally started baking my Christmas cookies. I only made one kind today though and I’ll bake some more this week and next weekend.

Do you bake cookies for Christmas? And have you decorated your homes already?

I have mostly only outgoing Christmas cards and a package to show you this week…only wrote two letters because I was so busy. Now I have 4 more letters to write to Germany and the US…hopefully I’ll be able to finish them by next weekend. πŸ˜€

Outgoing mail

I love my new gift wrap so much that I wrapped the package to one of my friends with it. Hope it’ll arrive without getting damaged!

Incoming mail

I also received some mail this week….mainly Christmas related though:

A swap from Honduras and a letter from my “Lovely Letters” project.

Cute Christmas stickers from Honduras β™₯

I also received the first Christmas cards from the US, Germany, South Korea and Honduras:

And last but not least I received a huuuge package from my dear Mom in Germany who sent me a ton of German Christmas chocolate & other candy because she knows how much I miss that stuff…especially at this time of the year. Thanks so much! πŸ˜€

Christmas mail 2012

This year I finished my Christmas cards early and they’ve all been ready to be mailed for about two weeks…and now I can finally send them out (I don’t like sending Christmas mail before December)

These are just the cards to family and friends. My penpals get their cards with their December letters. πŸ™‚

I just love this year’s Christmas stamps!

How early do you mail out your Christmas cards?