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Never ending mail

While most of the Americans are sitting in front of their TVs tonight, watching this year’s Super Bowl, I’ll be writing this blog post, finishing a letter to a penpal and writing a postcard. I admit it: I’m NOT a football fan! And to be honest, I don’t care. 😉 So, now that we talked about that, lets move on to something that’s a lot more fun for me: MAIL! 😀

This past week was another great mail week and I could get used to receiving lots of mail every single day. ♥


Monday mail…a letter, lots of cards and my sister’s card from New Zealand which she sent in November ^_^

Look at all the pretty stamps on the postcards! 🙂

Swap-bot swap postcards

And some more…

And more ^_^

A letter from Amit in India…with lots of cool stamps! 😀

And the last batch of postcards from a private swap and a Swap-bot swap. My collection is growing! 😀


A ton of postcard swaps for Swap-bot and Postcrossing:

I love my new airmail tape! 😀

Some Valentine’s Day cards for my penpals

The inside of my mailbox yesterday before the mailman picked up my mail. 🙂

Other than writing cards and preparing swaps I haven’t done much this week. I want to catch up with my letters now and then get back to doing crafts like envelopes and cards etc.

Letter pile I’m working on at the moment…

How many letters do you have to write at the moment? And how much mail do you get per week?

Another happy week for the mail addict

This week I was busy mailing out lots of swaps and postcards…but I also received some very nice mail from great people all over the world! 😀 I hope you all had a great mail week too!

Incoming mail

Finally I got my “Happy Mail Day” swap-bot swap…I had to pick it up at the post office and pay some money because there wasn’t enough postage on it. 😕 I’m just glad it finally arrived! It contained two postcards, a little magnet, a clear stamp, self-made washi tape and a letter on beautiful handmade stationery. 🙂

Pretty card from Hamburg through a “Aerial View” tag on Postcrossing:

Amazingly beautiful Oregon postcards from an amazingly nice swap-bot swapper in Oregon 😀 😀 😀 Thank you so much!

More Swap-bot, Postcrossing and Facebook swap postcards:

And two letters from two wonderful penpals in Germany and New York:

What a great incoming mail week! Can you tell that I’m a postcard addict? LOL But guess what! I have 998 postcards in my collection now…which means two more and I have 1,000! I hope I’ll receive them this week. I’m so excited! I also have to buy a new box because the one I’m keeping all my cards in is full… 😛

But I don’t only love receiving postcards..I also LOVE sending them! So lets move on to this week’s…

Outgoing mail

Swap-bot postcard swaps:

I liked this swap a lot. We were supposed to send 4 postcards from 4 different US states to our swap partner. I can’t wait to see which states I’ll receive! 😀

State postcard swaps:

Postcrossing swap for a nice lady in Ohio who collects map cards:

And I finally used some of my very old Diddl stationery for a letter to one of my American pals 🙂

More postcrossing swaps:

And I’m happy I can finally use the pretty new stamps 😀

Speaking of new stamps…starting today international mail costs $1.10 and postcards within the US cost 33 cents. Eventhough there’s an international forever stamp now (it’s round), I still like to use several smaller stamps…because I think letters are a lot prettier when they have multiple different stamps on them. 🙂 I really love the 86 cents stamps with the Puffins:

And the new postcard stamps are also beautiful! They have different apples on them:

And these 1 cent stamps are not new but I’ve never used them before…they have a Tiffany lamp on them..aren’t they pretty?

I’ve also ordered some brand new forever stamps but I haven’t received them yet because their issue date is today…so I guess I’ll receive them some time this week. I can’t wait! I’m not really happy about the postage going up all the time..but at least they make beautiful stamps! I’d be very upset if they were all ugly ones. 😛

This week’s incoming and outgoing mail ♥

Another week is over and I’ve sent and received lots of mail 😀 If the USPS ever goes bankrupt, it will definitely NOT be my fault 😉

Incoming mail

Two great letters from two wonderful German penpals:

I love the hand made moose envelope! 😀

I also received some cool postcards this week….one from a sunrise/sunset tag on Postcrossing, one from my friend in Montana and a Postcrossing card from Germany:

And one Postcrossing card from Holland:

This cute envelope came all the way from my dear penpal in South Texas…

…and contained a cute, hand made Thanksgiving card!

And when I got home from work on Friday I found a wonderful letter from my friend in New York and a pretty postcard from China:

I love Christmas-y letters! Such cute stationery & stickers 😀


Outgoing mail

And here’s what I’ve sent out this week.

Letters to my pals in Montana and Germany as well as a postcrossing postcard to Germany:

A looong letter + Christmas card to a German pal:

Mail to Texas & Montana:

And a letter + Christmas package to a dear friend in Europe. ♥

I’ve also mailed out a bunch of Christmas cards but I’ll talk about them in another post. Happy 1st Advent! 🙂

Mail of the last two weeks

I was pretty busy with work and life the past two weeks so I wasn’t able to show you all the mail I received or mailed out in the past two weeks. Unfortunately I also haven’t taken pictures of every single piece of mail I’ve sent out…

So, here’s some of my mail 🙂

Outgoing mail of just one day: Thanksgiving cards, birthday card, letters and Postcrossing postcards 🙂

And some lovely incoming mail:

A letter and a beautiful Thanksgiving card from my friend/pal in Montana whom I visited this year. I’m truly blessed to have a friend like her 🙂

And here’s a great letter from one of my best friends from Germany. She travels to Norway quite often and always brings/sends me beautiful postcards ♥ We’ve been pals for several years and we also met when she visited Maine in 2009. 🙂

This amazing & long letter as well as beautiful postcards came from another wonderful penpal in Germany. She loves cute stationery as much as I do 😀 and she provides me with postcards whenever she goes on trips!

My newest penpal from Norway sent me this amazing package. She doesn’t only share my love for cute tape, stickers and paper (and a million other things ^_^), she also writes awesome letters and I have a feeling that we’ll be penpals vor a VERY long time! 😀

Look at all the cute things she sent me! Oh my! ♥

And last but not least I received this cool lighthouse postcard from my postcard pal in the Netherlands who mailed it from a Postcrossing meetup she went to….

…and everyone at the meetup signed it! 😀

I love each of my penpals and I am so happy to have them in my life! They’re true friends and know how to put a smile on my face. 🙂

Welcome winter time!

It’s not winter yet but last night Daylight Saving Time has ended and we set our clocks from summer to winter time and gained one hour. I’m happy about having one more hour but somehow I’m tired all day today. Probably because it’s cloudy and dark outside. So this grey day is the perfect time to post some colorful pictures! 🙂

I just finished a letter to one of my German penpals and used the envelope I made with a page of a children’s book:

Now I only have to write 1 more to Germany and 2 to California but probably not today as I still have to finish some other things around the house since yesterday was such a busy day. My cousin’s baby shower was fun and I saw lots of people that I hadn’t seen in over a year, which was great. 🙂 I also had a chance to talk to my parents via webcam and catch up.

In the morning I went to the post office to finally buy my Christmas stamps and I also went to the dollar store and as I promised, here’s my (mini) shopping haul:

I really liked these cute balloon stickers. I haven’t counted them but I got a big sheet full of pretty stickers for $1.

And I was happy to find some Christmas treat bags that I’ll use as envelopes, just like my Halloween trick-or-treat bag envelopes. 😉 Unlike the Halloween package, the Christmas one came with 12 instead of 6 bags. The paper is a bit different but they still will be good envelopes. Can’t wait for the Christmas time to arrive! 😀

Thanks for all your comments on my last blog post! It’s interesting to read about your letter writing habits. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday night and a good week!