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Pixar Collectible Postcards

Last week I was browsing on Amazon, searching for non-touristy postcards, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across this awesome Pixar Collectible Postcards box! 😀 I love postcards and I love the Pixar movies…so of course I had to get the box. Especially since it was only around $12 for 100 cards. I received them a few days ago and I love each and every one of the cards. Since I mostly only collect touristy postcards, I’m going to send some of these to penpals and other swappers/collectors…but I’ll keep my favorite ones. ♥

You can order the Pixar postcard box at Amazon.

Box from the front and side:

Box full of goodies 😀 :

Some of my favorites:

What’s your favorite Pixar movie? And do you also like the Pixar short movies? I LOVE “For the Birds” and “La Luna”. ♥