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I’m back! :)

Hi everyone, I’m back – finally! I know I said “see you in 10 days” but those ten days turned into almost a month 😛

First off: My vacation in Montana was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and you’ll read about it later. After I had gotten back from my trip, I had two days to unpack and organize my home (and work!) before my sister came from Germany to stay with us for 9 days. She got here a day early because of the Lufthansa strikes in Germany. So the past 3 weeks had been packed with a ton of things and today is the first time I can sit down, go through my mail and read all the comments and other messages I have received.

So if you were waiting to hear from me via email, letter, postcard etc. thanks for being patient! 🙂 I’m excited to be back and start blogging and writing again. I have SO many things to write and blog about. 😀

While I was on vacation, I’ve received some mail *yay* 😀 and here’s what I got in those ten days:

7 letters from my dear penpals all over the world 🙂

Lots of beautiful postcards from great places (these were mostly private/direct swaps):

Look at the pretty stamps on the postcards! 🙂

And I also received a big envelope full of beautiful postcards from my dear Dutch postcard penpal because I told her that all the postcards I could find here in Maine are the touristy ones…isn’t she nice?! 😀

I also bought a TON of postcards in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, which I’ll show you soon.

Hope y’all had a great summer! 🙂