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Vintage Postcards

As you know I’m a big lover of postcards. I buy them to send to family and friends, and I buy them for myself to expand my postcard collection. 🙂 I cannot visit other places/cities/countries without buying at least one postcard (most of the time I buy more of course).

A few weeks ago my husband and I went on a little road trip here in Maine and we stopped at a little store that sells antiques and other cool vintage stuff. My co-worker (owner of the Second Wind Cabin blog) rents a corner in that store to sell vintage cameras and other things she finds on her thrift tours through Maine.

Anyway…we went to that store to check out what she sells and of course we also looked at the rest of the store. And I was very happy when I found a big box full of vintage postcards! 😀

They were all mailed in the early 1900s and I picked out the two prettiest ones:

vintage postcards

They were $1 and individually packed in protective sleeves, which was good because they have a funky smell. 😉 I normally don’t buy vintage postcards but this time I couldn’t resist.

old postcard from new york

This one has a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It was mailed on March 21, 1912 from New York to Bristol, ME. This means the postcard is over 100 years old. Cool, huh?

The following is even older. It was mailed on March 2, 1907!

old postcard 1907

And here are the stamps they used back then (it cost only 1 cent to mail a postcard!):

vintage postage stamps

At first I was thinking of working them into some craft project but I think I’ll keep them as they are, maybe hang them on the wall next to my bed and look at them. 🙂